The game is developed by Super Sexy Software
with cooporation with Deck 13 Interactive

About the game

The Shattering is a story-based psychological thriller with elements of white horror. It's taking place in the white, austere rooms of the main character's own dream.

The game relies on convincing us that a world filled with emptiness scares us more than a world shrouded in darkness. The game is played through a first person perspective. The Shattering's main focus is exploring one's surroundings and finding out ways to progress to the next room. Using the player's decisions during gameplay, the game will take advantage of alterations of their memories to create a mood of fear and uncertainty. There are no combat elements in the game, instead, as a failure condition, the world starts to fall apart (shatters) and is filled with emptiness. The only defense a player has against the shattering world is to make correct decisions based upon truths discovered in the environment.

One of the key mechanical features of the world that will affect and impact the player throughout their experience is the Shattering of the world. Based on various criteria the entire rooms and objects within them will visually fracture and break apart, causing the player to react to the deteriorating situation. The player will also experience the world objects morphing or changing location, creating a feeling of uncertainty and confusion.