You can’t remember anything. All you see is white around you. You hear a voice. You see a watch, swinging slowly in front of your eyes:

“I know you think everything is alright, but tell me, how come you can’t even remember her name?”

The Shattering places you in the mind of John Evans, where you struggle to piece together the fragments of your past and present. Not remembering is one thing, but what happens when your mind leads you down the twisting path of fake memories in order to shelter you from the truth?

Follow the voice of the Doctor as it guides you deeper into your mind, and experience the key moments of John’s life that define and shape him. Discover the truth, shatter the lies, find out what happened to John… and remember her name.

The Shattering is a first-person, story-driven, psychological thriller. It’s defining features are the dynamic environments, beautiful aesthetic and intriguing story. There are no failure conditions in The Shattering, nor complicated puzzles. The gameplay is meant to submerge you in the mind of John, as you take each step forward into the twisted mystery of what happened. A serene and emotionally charged soundtrack give every moment life, while the visuals delight at every corner.


  • A rich and constantly evolving world taking place in the mind of John, where there are no limits or rules
  • Beautiful photorealistic environments painted with a pristine white aesthetic provide unique scenery to explore
  • An intriguing story split into 5 acts that piece together knowledge of the past and understanding of the present
  • A sublime, gripping and intense original score composed for the story of The Shattering breathes life into every moment


The Shattering is a work of passion coming from a small group of 5 close friends. Super Sexy Software started in spirit in 2013, when the first echoes of The Shattering started to take form. The project was created in the mind of Marta Szymanska, who was studying the contrast of white and black in horror and culture. The core theme draws on the premise that horrors and fear can be achieved through embracing white and the absence of information, rather than darkness and the obvious, though unseen, enemy.

Over various iterations, the game took shape and the decision was made to work on it in every spare moment that could be found. With members of the team residing in Poland, France and Switzerland, they grew in experience and efficiency as the true spirit of the studio was born. As the game progressed, the developers and Deck13 met at a networking event and the synergy between the companies resonated immediately. A publisher was found, and all the ingredients to finish The Shattering were ready.

The full development spanned multiple years, births and deaths, tears and laughter, bringing the team together as one family. The only joy greater than that of the journey, is the joy of seeing The Shattering take shape and be played by people around the world. We’d like to thank You, the player, for taking interest in our passion. We hope our game can echo out and reach gamers around the world.


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Selected Articles

  • The Shattering's portrayal of self-reflection is more terrifying than any jump scare.
    Joe Donnelly, PCGamer
  • The Shattering is quite unlike other horror games.
    Jack Allin, Adventure Games


Marta Szymanska
Founder, Game Director, Designer,
Arkadiusz Burczyk
Lead Environmental Artist, Designer, Programmer
Katarzyna Kozlowska
Artist, Designer, Marketing
Matt Rusiniak
Founder, Programmer
DORR Timothée
Sound and Music Designer
Serbay Sönmez
Publisher, Marketing